Arizona Vacation

I just came back from a short trip to Arizona to take pictures of the scenery. I went to Scottsdale, Sedona, Flagstaff, The Mogollon Rim, The Grand Canyon, and a number of different Native American ruins before stopping off in Las Vegas on My way Home.

The Sky is so dark in much of Arizona it’s very impressive at night the number of stars you can see and the faint glow of the milky way, this picture doesn’t quite do it justice.

All of the pictures form this trip.
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I’ve been getting back into blacksmithing I tried a little bit last year but didn’t keep it up because i was doing alot of other things. with all my free time this summer i wanted to try my hand at it again. Here are a few things I’ve made in my backyard. I made the arowhead yesterday and the tongs a few days ago they’re both fairly rough and show that i clearly need more practice. I made the spoon and the Knife sometime last year. In fact the knife is the first thing I ever forged and actually cuts fairly well. I’ve also made several hooks some which were featured in the Cleveland High School film about time travel.
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Metro Red Line North Hollywood

First Holga Pictures

I got my first pictures back from the lab yesterday, I don’t think they’re too bad. Its amazing what you can get out of this camera. The larger film size really helps to make the most of it’s unique qualities to produce decent pictures despite it’s shortcomings. Unfortunately I don’t Have A scanner that can handle this size negative and I only had a proof sheet made so the scans aren’t very good.
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I rode my bike for the first time today in a couple of months. I bought a new computer for my bike but didn’t read all the instructions and grossly miscalibrated the dumb thing. I rode about 29 miles and it said i rode 48 miles, I wish.

I brought along my new camera, a Holga 120n, it uses 120 sized film. it has a plastic body and a plastic lens and only one setting, and produces horrible images compared to even most disposable cameras. Despite it’s shortcomings the camera has quite a cult following ( I’ll See how the pictures come out tomorrow when i get them back from the lab.